Storing Button Mushrooms

White Button Mushrooms are readily available at grocery stores and add a delicious flavor to foods whether cooked or eaten raw. They come whole or pre-sliced, but I prefer to buy the whole, unsliced mushrooms. They stay fresh longer and I like to make sure they are cleaned properly.

When purchasing White Button Mushrooms look for clean, fresh looking, plump not wrinkled mushrooms. The whiter the mushrooms the better.

I've tried many times to store mushrooms in brown paper bags, as recommended, but they always shrivel up within a couple of hours. Recently, I found a way to storingmushroomskeep the mushrooms fresh, lasting longer than a week.

I buy the mushrooms that are packed in a paper or foam container and are covered with plastic wrap. If you look very closely the plastic wrap has holes to allow the mushrooms to breath and not build up moisture. When I use the mushrooms I carefully peel back the plastic, remove what I need and then stretch the plastic back in place. If the plastic tears or is the kind that is vacuum-sealed and you have to break it to get in, then cover the opening with your own piece of plastic wrap. If you cover the whole top with plastic then carefully make holes in the plastic with a paring knife or punch. The paper or foam container also has slits in the sides that help the mushrooms breath.

I've stored the mushrooms, with the plastic cover, in the main refrigerator and the vegetable drawer and have not seen any difference in length of freshness.