This section is filled with helpful cooking tips.

Measuring Bananas

Everytime there are left over bananas, I make Banana Bread.measuringbananas

But I started to notice a pattern when a few bananas, consistently were left in the bowl. It was a set-up; my family wanted Banana Bread. How could I refuse?

My first step is to measure how many cups of bananas I have so I know how many loaves to make. Each loaf takes 1 cup of mashed bananas.

I mash the bananas with a potato masher in a measuring cup, so that I can see how much I have. Since I do this first, before mixing the batter, I don’t want the bananas to turn brown. They turn brown if exposed to the air for very long. So after mashing and measuring, I place a piece of plastic wrap over the bananas. Press it down onto the surface of the bananas and up the inside of the measuring cup, eliminating as much air as possible.

Cranberry Cutouts

Playing with your food can be great fun. I make cranberry sauce from scratch but also like to serve the jellied version found in a can so I can add a little surprise. I used a small turkey cookie cutter to make these cute turkeys for Thanksgivingcranberrycutouts.

To make fun cranberry shapes:

You will need:

Can of jellied cranberry sauce
Desired cookie cutters
A knife

Remove the cranberries from the can without breaking them up. Slice the can shaped cranberries into disks about 1/2 inch thick (this depends on the size of your cookie cutters). Next cut the desired shapes from the cranberries and chill. Serve them on a plate or place one on the edge of each person's plate for a little food fun.

Happy Holidays