Measuring Bananas

Everytime there are left over bananas, I make Banana Bread.measuringbananas

But I started to notice a pattern when a few bananas, consistently were left in the bowl. It was a set-up; my family wanted Banana Bread. How could I refuse?

My first step is to measure how many cups of bananas I have so I know how many loaves to make. Each loaf takes 1 cup of mashed bananas.

I mash the bananas with a potato masher in a measuring cup, so that I can see how much I have. Since I do this first, before mixing the batter, I don’t want the bananas to turn brown. They turn brown if exposed to the air for very long. So after mashing and measuring, I place a piece of plastic wrap over the bananas. Press it down onto the surface of the bananas and up the inside of the measuring cup, eliminating as much air as possible.