This section is filled with helpful cooking tips.

No Onion Smell

I don't always use a whole onion when making a dish, especially with how large onions are these days. So I dice or slice half of a large onion and save the rest for another dish. Wrap the onion in plastic wrap first and then aluminum foil and store it in the vegetable crisper in the refrigerator. This keeps the onion from smelling up the refrigerator. Use the stored onion within 3 days.

Certain foods such as milk and ice will absorb the odor if onions are not wrapped. Baking soda placed in an uncovered bowl, in the refrigertor or freezer can help, but I haven't found it to be highly effective. Wrapping the cut onion, in plastic and foil eliminates all odor.

Wash you hands with soap and cold water after cutting the onion. The key here is cold water. Using cold water, will shrink or close your hand's pores and the onion juice will not be absorbed as easily. Sometimes, when in a hurry, I use warm water by mistake and the onion smell lasts for days.