Easy Ice Tea

We love ice tea and have it several times each day. I know green tea has the most antioxidants but I really love Lipton's black tea for making iced tea. I use the regular sized tea bags, but the iced tea size works also.

I've made sun tea, used a machine to make iced tea and tried many different methods. Most of them have made excellent tea but I've found a much easier method.

Turn on the kitchen faucet until the water is as hot as it can be. Never boil the water for cold or hot tea because the tealeaves are easily burnt which causes a bitter flavored tea.

Fill a 2 quart pitcher three quarters full, with the hot tap water. Unwrap 4 regular sized Lipton tea bags and dunk them into the water until they're wet. Don't let go of the strings. Drape the strings over the edge of the pitcher, with the tea bags submerged, then put the lid on to hold the bags in place.

Leave the tea bags in the water until the desired color. This will take anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes, depending upon the temperature of your water, until the tea is steeped. Don't worry if you leave it longer as it won't get too strong.

When the tea is a nice reddish brown color, squeeze the bags gently and discard them. Add very cold water to the hot tea to fill the pitcher, then refrigerate until chilled. This method produces a sparkling clear ice tea that will refresh you and your guests as well as providing a healthy drink.

Serve with plenty of ice, slices of lemon and sugar or sugar substitute, if desired.

Ice_tea_step1 Ice_tea_step2
1. Fill pitcher 3/4 full with very hot tap water
then dunk the bags.
2. Secure the tea bags with the lid and let
steep for 30 - 45 minutes.
Ice_tea_step3 Ice_tea_step4
3. When the tea is the desired color, remove
the tea bags and discard.
4. Fill with cold water and chill.