Snow Eggs


450ml (¾ pint) Milk
4 Eggs
½ Lemon, rind only
Caster Sugar, to taste
Vanilla, Lemon Rind or Orange Flower Water


Put the milk into a saucepan with enough sugar to sweeten and the rind of ½ lemon.
Let this steep over a very low heat for 30 minutes, when take out the peel.
Separate the eggs.
Beat the yolks.
Whisk the egg whites very stiffly.
Heat the milk to boiling point and drop in the whisked egg white a tablespoonful at a time and keep turning until sufficiently cooked.
Then place them on a glass dish, stir the beaten egg yolks into the milk, add a little more sugar and strain this mixture into a jug.
Place the jug in a saucepan of boiling water and stir it one way until the mixture thickens, but do not allow it to boil or it will curdle.
Pour this custard over the eggs, they should rise to the surface.
They make an exceedingly pretty addition to a supper and should be put in a cold place after being made.

When they are flavored with vanilla or orange flower water, it is not necessary to steep the milk.
A few drops of the essence of either may be poured in the milk just before the whites are poached.
In making the custard, a little more flavoring and sugar should always be added.

Servings: 4-5
Recipe Difficulty: Normal
Preparation Time:45 Min.
Cooking Time: 10 Min.
Country: UK